Fruit Punch Slush

It’s Friday again! This week’s recipe is incredibly easy but also very delicious! It does take a little bit longer to prepare so you won’t be able to eat it the same day you make it. It’s Fruit Punch Slush! This slush recipe is very easy, I did it with the help of my three-year old nephew and it only took us about ten minutes to mix everything together. Here is what you will need and how to make it:

IMG_0630 1

First, you need to make your pineapple juice and orange juice according to the directions on the can.  Next, mix the two juices together and then add your two packages of Kool-Aid

IMG_0632 1

Add sugar to the mixture. I used two cups of sugar, one cup for each package of Kool-Aid that I added and it was perfect! You can add more or less sugar if you want.  Add water to make it equal one gallon.  Carefully pour the mixture into a container. Remember that liquids expand when they freeze so be sure to use a container that is bigger than a gallon! I used a gallon sized ice cream bucket but it ended up spilling into my freezer.

IMG_0634 1

Place the container in the freezer and leave it there for at least one day.  Take it out of the freezer at least an hour before you need to serve it so that it can be scooped more easily. Scoop it into a cup and pour Sprite or white grape juice over the slush. Stir it up and enjoy!

IMG_0655 1

Here is the recipe

Fruit Punch rotated

Fruit Punch Slush

  • Pineapple Juice (1 can frozen)
  • Orange Juice (1 can frozen)
  • Orange Kool-Aid mix
  • Raspberry Kool-Aid mix (I used mixed berry and it tasted great too!)
  • Sugar to taste
  • Water

Mix together and freeze overnight. Serve with either Sprite or white grape juice.


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