Berry Smoothie

Happy Friday everybody!  I started a new semester of school this week so my mornings are busy again.  One of my favorite things to make for breakfast (or lunch, or a snack) is a fruit smoothie.  Smoothies are so versatile and are quick and easy to make.  The smoothie I made this morning had strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and apple juice.  You could add anything else that you like.  I really like to add spinach to my smoothies.  It is a great way to get the nutrients from spinach without the spinach taste.  Remember to always put your fresh ingredients in the blender first.  This includes any juice or yogurt along with any fresh fruit or vegetables.  Then put any frozen items on top of that.  Let me know what you like to put in your smoothies in the comments below.  Enjoy!


To make one smoothie, I usually add about 1/2 cup of juice.  This amount will vary depending on your ratio of fresh and frozen ingredients.  If you are using more frozen than fresh, you will need more juice.



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