Valentine’s Cookie Bouquet

Happy Friday everybody!  Since Valentine’s Day is on Sunday I thought I would share a really simple Valentine’s treat with you today.  This Valentine’s cookie bouquet is really easy to make and not only looks cute but tastes great too!  Here is how to make them:

You will need: fudge stripe cookies (I used red velvet ones), bamboo skewers, and cherry juju hearts.IMG_1726

First, slide one heart onto the skewer.  Only slide it about a half inch down to begin with.  Then place your cookie on top of the heart and finish by placing another heart on top of the cookie.  Make sure that the skewer doesn’t stick out of the top of your candy but that you have enough room left to keep the cookie and candy firmly in place.  Then place the cookies in a jar or vase and enjoy your cookie bouquet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Leave a comment below letting me know what great Valentine’s Day treat ideas you have.


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